Kick-off meeting of the International Research Network

Open space between aperiodic order and physics & chemistry of materials

Postponed to 9-13 may 2021

Carry le Rouet, France

Aperiodic long range order, which encompasses incommensurately modulated structures, incommensurate composites and quasicrystals, is found in a very broad range of structures including minerals, oxide, intermetallic compounds, organic compounds. It is also found to occur in very different systems such as charge density waves, ferroelectrics, high T-c superconductors or twisted bilayer graphene. Whereas the atomic structure of aperiodic crystal is relatively well understood, the influence of the aperiodic long-range order on the physical and chemical properties of materials is still an open and challenging question.

The objective of the International Research Network (IRN) is to foster collaborations between the aperiodic crystal community and those who work on chemical and physical properties of materials. This kick-off meeting to launch the IRN is a successor to previous  meetings held in Nagoya (2015), Annecy (2017) and Sendai (2019) bringing together aperiodic and correlated electron communities. The program will consist of invited and contributed talks together with poster sessions. In order to promote interactions the total number of participants will be limited.

Contributions at the interface of the different fields are welcome both experimentally and theoretically and in particular for:

– Aperiodic order and electronic properties: strongly correlated systems, heavy Fermion, charge density waves

– Aperiodic order and magnetisms: incommensurately modulated magnetic structures, quasicrystal and magnetic order, magnetically frustrated systems.

– Aperiodic order and chemistry of materials: clusters, chemical bounding, soft matter and aperiodic order, oxyde quasicrystals


The initial Kick-off meeting of the International Research Network has been split on two events :

e-meeting for the IRN members: 22-25 september 2020

International Workshop  : 9 -13 may 2021


email: aperiodic-sces.contact@neel.cnrs.fr